About University Place

University Place is bound roughly by 33rd Street to the west and 63rd Street to the east, Holdrege to the south and Fremont and Knox Streets to the north.  The historic Nebraska Wesleyan University campus lies in the heart of University Place.  The University of Nebraska’s East Campus is at the southwest edge of the neighborhood.  Busy 48th Street, which carries 25,000 vehicles a day, runs through the business district and serves as a main street for the traditional commercial district composed of small-scale buildings built close to the street.

The neighborhood has parks, a swimming pool, and other recreational amenities.  Neighborhood schools include Huntington Elementary, Dawes Middle School, and Northeast High School.  For a map of businesses and resources in University Place, go to http://www.upcomap.co.cc/.

The 2000 Census listed the total population as 11,338 with nearly 5,000 households.  At that time, the number of owner-occupied households and rental units were almost evenly split, but the makeup has since tipped toward rentals.

The neighborhood is served by both a community and business organization: the University Place Community Organization (UPCO) and the University Place Business Association (UPBA).


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  1. how do I reach someone regarding the farmers market please ?

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