Urban image meeting on May 1, 2013

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department has scheduled a briefing of the Planning Commission on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

There will be a presentation by Jed Moulton, the Urban Design Manager of Omaha’s planning department. He will present the efforts of the City government and others in Omaha to improve the city’s visual image and character.  Jed will describe the process which led up to the adoption of an overall urban design framework as part of Omaha’s master plan, and will highlight the types of new design standards that are being used to guide new development in their more significant commercial and civic centers and corridors.

The Planning Department has been working on proposals to encourage more attractive and pedestrian-oriented commercial and mixed use developments, and we thought that hearing about the work being done in Omaha would be instructive.

This briefing will be scheduled as part of the regular May 1 Planning Commission meeting, immediately following the development applications that are scheduled for public hearings.

You are welcome to come down to the Council Chambers in the County-City building to view the presentation in person.  Or, you can tune in to Channel 5 on your television or the City’s webpage, to view these presentations live.  Or, you can view them later through “video on demand” on the webpage.  The consideration of the hearing items should be completed fairly quickly, so we advise you to attend or tune in shortly after 1:00 pm if you want to watch the live presentation.

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